10 Reasons Why Sweet Potatoes Are Good For Diabetes Patients

The sweet potatoes are in many ways similar to the usual potatoes that we are using in our home to make junk foods and fried potatoes. But, they are not all the same, there is a small difference between those two types of potatoes, the first one is their family, the sweetness, the taste and the appearance. And the most obvious difference between these two is their range of colors. The most well known sort of sweet potatoes and the one that is grown the most is the one that contains white cream and yellowish and orange color.

In other regions like Japan and other countries in Asia they grow sweet potatoes that have purple flash inside. Sweet potatoes are one of the foods that are known because of the content of antioxidants that they have inside. And they also contain the best nutritional values that a healthy food should have in it.

Some Lesser Known Facts about Sweet Potato that you should know:

  1. This vegetable is best consumed by the people suffering from any kind of diabetes because of its ability to regulate the natural sugar levels in the body as well as regulating the insulin resistance in the diabetic patient.
  2. This plant is packed full of fibers which are amazing when it comes to helping you with your digestion and detoxification.
  3. The sweet potatoes are rich in great amounts of vitamin A which is in charge of the regeneration of the organs in the respiratory system especially for the people who are smoking a lot.
  4. They are filled with vitamin D which is amazingly good for when it comes to helping out some organs in our body to become healthier and stronger. Parts of the body such as teeth, bones, skin, heart, are the ones affected by this benefit. They are also going to improve the levels of energy that is regulating the work of the thyroid gland.
  5. The sweet potatoes have the ability to evenly dispense potassium levels in your body which will help in the development of the functioning of your heart. Once the potassium is consumed by your body it is going to help you with the reduction of the impact that the sodium will have on your body.

The potassium is a mineral that is well known because of its ability to regulate the blood pressure as well as helping out in balancing the electrolytes.

  1. Also, the potassium that can be found in the sweet potatoes is great when it comes to keeping your tissues and muscles healthy. It is able to reduce the swellings and cramps that boosts up the energy and relaxation for your muscles. It also has the ability to regulate your heart beat and heart rate.
  2. This plant also has some Beta carotene which has the ability to function as an antioxidant that will help your body to prevent diseases such as asthma, gout, and arthritis. It is going to protect the condition of your lungs and prevent breast cancer from developing as well.
  3. The sweet potatoes are rich in folic acid that our body needs in order to develop a healthy fetal. It is amazing for all of the pregnant women.
  4. Vitamin C can be found in high presence in the sweet potatoes and that is great because of the fact that our body needs a lot of vitamin C.
  5. Last but not least, the broth water from boiled sweet potatoes can be applied on the affected area so that you treat some skin conditions, such as irritation. It is going to cleanse all of your pores and it is also going to eliminate the impurities.

Source: organichealthyfood.org