Cilantro – The Cheapest Way To Clean Your Tap Water Of Fluoride, Aluminium, Lead, Chloride, Chlorine And Lithium

It is a well known fact that the tap water that we are drinking is consisted of a lot of various compounds such as chlorine, dissolved minerals like magnesium, calcium, sodium, sulfates, bicarbonates, and chlorides. The water also has traces of copper, manganese, herbicides, and pesticides, as well as nitrates, and iron. Scientists have proven that that the water that we are drinking has small amounts of pharmaceuticals such as hormones, antibiotics, mood stabilizers and other medications. Various health problems are caused once heavy metals accumulate in our bodies, this leads to the development of many health problems.

The accumulation of these heavy metals is directly linked to Azheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, kidney dysfunctions, Parkinson’s  disease, behavioral problems, epilepsy, and in the worst case scenario paralysis. But, there are some good news, and that is the fact that the cilantro can be used as a very potent water purifier. Simply because of its ability to absorb the chemicals and heavy metals located in the water which have the ability to damage our overall health.

Why Cilantro?

The cilantro has chemical agents which have the ability to bind to toxic metals, eliminating them out of our body and wresting the free from tissues. The cilantro is a great purifying agent and it is effective because of the stricter of the outer walls of the microscopic cells that are the building blocks of this plant. The architecture of these walls makes them great when it comes to absorbing heavy metals. Douglas Schaufer from Ivy Tech Community College located in Lafayette conducted a study which proved that the cilantro leaves area a cheaper alternative to purifying water than the traditional water purifiers, especially in the places where people are poor and the water is not that clean. In this study  they tested different plants but the cilantro came out as the clear winner.

Scientists proved that the most powerful and prevalent bioabsorbant material is the cilantro. Most of the times this plant is replaced by the obviously more expensive alternative – the charcoal. Active charcoal has the ability to eliminate the heavy metals effectively. But, this ingredient is a very expensive one. We don’t think that they are very expensive but for the people living in the poor regions it sure makes the difference.

How to Use Cilantro

All you need to do is use a fistful of cilantro in order to purify two liters of highly contaminated water.